Info / FAQ

Feel free to browse our database of stolen bikes by clicking here. If you have found one of the stolen bikes listed in our database, you can send the owner an email. Chances are, there could be a reward for the bike you found.

Register your stolen bike:

To register your stolen bike, fill out our form by clicking here. All we need is your bike's photo, bike specs and location it was lost. You can also - as an added incentive for recovery - offer a bounty for your stolen bike. All the information will be posted in our database and view able on the web - but not your contact information, unless you want it visible. We will then post the information to our Facebook & Twitter Accounts. If someone thinks they've found your bike, they can alert you via email, or via your contact information, if you have made that available. Also, if one of our registered users - like a bike shop, dealer, or reseller - runs your stolen bike's serial number, we'll see the 'hit', and put them in touch.